The Advanced Research Laboratory for Multifunctional Lightweight Structures (ARL-MLS) specializes in leading edge research in multidisciplinary design, analysis, optimization, manufacturing, testing of advanced multifunctional materials & lightweight structures, with applications to aerospace, automotive, biomedical, and nuclear components and systems. Ambitious innovative design and development goals are increasingly challenging current simulation and testing capabilities.

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Recognized as Top 2% Researcher by Elsevier

Congratulations to Prof. Kamran Behdinan, recognized as world's top 2% Most Cited Scientific Authors.


Events, Symposium & Presentations

Conference Participation

  1. R. Moradi-Dastjerdi, K. Behdinan, "Natural Frequency Investigation of an Eco-Friendly Piezoelectric Nanocomposite Energy Harvester Using a Meshless Method", 3rd Engineering physics International Conference (EPIC) 2021.
  2. K. Behdinan and S. R. Mishra, “Cardinal WTRL: Technology Maturity, Schedule Slippage and Trend Forecasting,” Proceedings of the Design Society, vol. 1, pp. 601–610, 2021.

New Book: Advanced Multifunctional Lightweight Aerostructres

Advanced Multifunctional Lightweight Structures: Design, Development and Implementation by Kamran Behdinan and Rasool Moradi Dastjerdi has been published in April 2021.

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ARL-MLS is committed to Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) Policies and practices. We encourage applicants to keep an eye out for exciting opportunities at our Lab for various positions.

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ARL-MLS has long standing collaborations with companies and institutions to develop state of the art technology solutions and to implement the cutting edge research accomplished in its research facilities.

We at ARL MLS are always happy to explore your interests. Reach us at arlmls@mie.utoronto.ca for more info!