Dr. Kamran Behdinan

Founding Director

Dr. Kamran Behdinan

NSERC Chair in "Multidisciplinary Engineering Design" (2012–2023)
Director, U of T - Institute for Multidisciplinary Design and Innovation (IMDI)
Chair, Syllabus Committee, The Canadian Engineering Qualification Board, Engineers Canada



Research Areas

Design of lightweight airframe structures; characterization, modeling, and analysis of advanced materials and structures; MDO of aerospace/automotive systems; bridging FE-MD method for multi-scale modeling of solids; application of biofuel in aviation and automotive.

Our Team

Mr. Bidhendi, MRT

PhD Candidate

Research Area: Multiscale modeling, Solid-state physics, Nonlinear waves,  Vibrations, Nonlinear dynamics, System identification


Mr. Cheng, Jasper

PhD Candidate



Research Area: Integrated circuit manufacturing, AI technologies, Photolithography


Mr. Hu, Christopher

MASc Student



Research Area: NA

Chris Hu

Ms. Kim, Tory (Tongwha)

PhD Candidate



Research Area: Advanced & Intelligent Manufacturing, Quality Control, Machine Learning & Data Analysis


Ms. Ghahramani, Pardis

PhD Candidate



Research Area: Smart Multifunctional Materials, Materials Design, Nanocomposite Sensors, Plastic Foaming Technology in Wastewater Treatment, Bioengineering.


Mr. Minor, Grant

PhD Candidate



Research Area: Plant/Facility Design Optimization

Mr. Mishra, S. Ranjan

PhD Candidate |Lab Manager



Research Area: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Product Design & Development, Additive Manufacturing, Finite Element Analysis, Regulatory Affairs.


Dr. Moradi-Dastjerdi, Rasool

Post Doctoral Fellow



Research Area: Advanced Materials,  Advanced Structures and Components, Thermo-electro-mechanical behaviours of Advanced Structures, Developing and Applying of New Computational Mechanics Methods.


Former Members

Soumya Ranjan Mishra, MASc, 2021
Thesis: Emergency Use Ventilator Evaluation and Assessment: Open-Source Hardware, Performance, Regulatory Requirements and Technology Readiness

Sayed Ehsan Mir-Haidari, PhD, 2021
Thesis: Structural Dynamic Analysis and Health Monitoring of Aeroengines: Nonlinear Modelling of Bolted Flange Connections and Transfer Path Analysis

Mohammadali Soleimanipour, MASc, 2021
Thesis: Characterization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s Single and Co-axial Propellers Performance Considering Geometrical and Environmental Factors

Zhenghong Song, MEng, 2021
Project: System Improvements at the Provincial Forensic Pathology Unit and Office of the Chief Coroner (PFPU)

Peiying Wang, MEng, 2021
Project: System Improvements at the Provincial Forensic Pathology Unit and Office of the Chief Coroner (PFPU)

Dhruvil Patel, MEng, 2021
Project: Characterization and Evaluation of Meridem E-Series Advanced Heating Technology

Tuhin Ranjan, MEng, 2021
Project: Characterization and Evaluation of Meridem E-Series Advanced Heating Technology

Doug Munghen , MASc, 2021
Thesis: Incorporation of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors in Additive Manufactured Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene for Strain Monitoring During Fatigue Loading

Dr. Vincent Iacobellis , PDF, 2021

Dr. Ali Radhi , PDF, 2021

Mir Sakib Mustashin, MASc, 2020
Thesis: Development of a Test Rig and Testing Method for Shimmy Damper Characterization

Sultan Alqash, PhD, 2020
Thesis: A Novel Approach for Landing Gear Far-field Noise Prediction Using Multiple Two-dimensional Simulations

Mohsen Rahmani, PhD, 2020
Thesis: Nonlinear Stability Analysis and Shimmy Mitigation of Aircraft Nose Landing Gears

Maxime Perreault, MASc, 2020
Thesis: Analysis and Development of a Halbach Array Motor for Application into a Novel Delivery Drone Driving Cycle for Powertrain Optimization and Maximization of Delivery Radius

Hyun Jun Shim, MEng, 2020
Project: Predicting Wall Pressure Fluctuations in Process Piping Systems Due to High Velocity Fluid Streams

Saheb Dhody, MEng, 2020
Project: Design of an Anechoic Chamber for Aeroacoustic Testing in a Wind Tunnel

Niu Yan, PhD, 2020
Thesis: Study on Nonlinear Vibrations of Shallow Shell Structures of Aeroengine Compressor Blades with Innovative Materials

Tyler Rankin, MEng, 2020
Project: A Study on Eskom’s Duvha Power Station Ash Dam

Mujtaba Ali Khan, MEng, 2020
Project: Manufacturing Clusters within Canada and the Caribbean

Seyed Abdul Mannan, MEng, 2020
Project: Development of an Innovation Process Map for Manufacturing Firms in the Caribbean

Xingchen Liu, PhD, 2020
Thesis: Structural Dynamic Analysis and Health Monitoring of Aeroengines: Nonlinear Modelling of Bolted Flange Connections and Transfer Path Analysis

Vidhisha Umesh Ashar, MEng, 2020
Project: Resilient and Adaptive Wheels with 3D Lattice Structures

Chaojian Jia, MEng, 2019
Project: Bench Marking of Software Packages in Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Models

Peter Nearing, MEng, 2019
Project: Using Data Science Techniques to Analyze Maintenance Events in Complex Systems: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Acharya Vedang, MEng, 2019
Project: An Introduction to the Development of Design Readiness Level for Engineering Applications

Ali Radhi, PhD, 2019
Thesis: Dynamic Multiscale Modeling of Crystal Structures with Applications to Polymorphic and Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics

Ruiqin Wu, PhD, 2019
Thesis: Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling and Analysis on Vibration Characteristics of an Annular Satellite Antenna

Sina Fahimi, MEng, 2019
Project: Applying Sustainability to Aero Engines

Megan Hamilton, MASc, 2019
Thesis: Novel Approaches to Evaluating and Characterizing Force Sensor Performance at Body-Device Interfaces

Nanfei Wang, PhD, 2019
Thesis: Investigation of Rub-impact in Dual-Rotor-Support- Casing Coupling System

Xiaotian Chen, MEng, 2019
Project: New Generation Toilet Design (MMP1)

Hongchuan Yang, MEng, 2019
Project: New Generation Toilet Design (MMP2)

Jaber Abedin, MEng, 2019
Project: Design of a Pressure Test Rig for Engine Bleed Valve Filters

Tieshu Fan, PhD, 2019
Thesis: Modeling and Experimentation of Squeeze Film Dampers Considering Fluid Inertia, Film Cavitation and Design Features in Aircraft Engine

Dr. Mohammed Khair Al-Solihat, PDF, 2019
Research Area: Nonlinear dynamics

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Zamani, PDF, 2019
Research Area: Multiscale modeling

Dr. Sharvari Dhote, PDF, 2019
Research Area: Design of flexible biosensors

Abdulrahman B.O. Oyetunji, MEng, 2018
Project: The Utilization of Phenolic Composites in Vital High- Temperature Rocketry Applications

Marc-Antoine Beaudoin, MASc, 2018
Thesis: Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Bolted Flanges in Aero-Engine Casings

S.M.Mahdi Zamani, PhD, 2018
Thesis: Multiscale Modeling of Mechanical Behavior of Nextel 720 CMC Fibers at a Range of Temperatures

Badr Aloufi, PhD, 2018
Thesis: Modeling and Design a Smart Double-Panel System for the Control of Sound Transmission into Aircraft Cabin

Konstandin Dhimitri, MEng, 2018
Project: Friction Modeling in FEA-Landing Gear Pin Joints

Andrew Gibbs, MEng, 2018
Project: Design and Development of Rider Torque Sensing Improvements for Integrated Gear Hub Electric Bicycles

Chuzy Ikpe, MEng, 2018
Project: Design of a Combined Manual and Automatic FAÇADE Cleaning System for High-Rise Buildings

Yang Chen, MASc, 2018
Thesis: Time Response Simulation for Nose Landing Gear Shimmy Damper Design

Anna Bucholc, MEng, 2018
Project: Performance Improvement of Turbofan Engine Through Material and Vibration Analysis

Jaroslaw Lutoslawski, MEng, 2017
Project: Design and Development of a Sea-Plane Landing gear Drop Test

Ameen Al Baz, MEng, 2017
Project: UV Disinfection Automation: Application of Ultraviolet Light in Hospital Acquired Infection Control

Mehrnoosh Haeri Yazdi, MEng, 2017
Project: Design of a Lightweight E-Wheelchair

Adrian Wan, MEng, 2017
Project: Pricing Model: Optimal Allocation of Discounts Across Service

Christopher Rabbitt, MASc, 2017
Thesis: Finite Element Vibration Modeling and Experimental Validation for an Aircraft Engine Casing

Xiaohan Luo, MEng, 2017
Project: Adjustments on Bombardier Spare Pricing Model for Reduced Direct Maintenance Cost

Zhaoxuan Wang, MEng, 2017
Project: Investigation of Steady State Flow Regime and Velocity Distribution at Two Fillet Wield Locations for In-Service Wielding Pipelines and Improving the Flow Pattern Using Pipe Geometry Change

Shivani Manish Sagar, MEng, 2017
Project: Design of Robotic Arm Control System for Testing of Radar Sensors – MMP Team

Shijo George Jacob, MEng, 2017
Project: Design of Robotic Arm Control System for Testing of Radar Sensors – MMP Team

Boyu Liu, MEng, 2017
Project: Construction of a Mechanical Systems Knowledge Base; “A Multidisciplinary Master’s Project” – MMP Team

Wenshu Zhao, MEng, 2017
Project: Construction of a Mechanical Systems Knowledge Base; “A Multidisciplinary Master’s Project” – MMP Team

Songheng Han, MEng, 2017
Project: Construction of a Mechanical Systems Knowledge Base; “A Multidisciplinary Master’s Project” – MMP Team

Yao Chen, MEng, 2017
Project: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization in a Generative Design System - – MMP Team

Shengshi Xia, MEng, 2017
Project: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization in a Generative Design System - – MMP Team

Lath Anselme Gbongbe, MEng, 2017
Project: Bombardier Maintenance Engineering Governance Procedures Optimization and Automation

Sina Hamzehlouia, PhD, 2017
Thesis: Squeeze Film Dampers in High-Speed Turbomachinery: Fluid Inertia Effects, Rotor dynamics, and Thermohydrodynamics

Dr. Yimin Tan, PDF, 2017
Research Area: Addidtive manufacturing and advanced biomedical sensor design

Dr. Mohammad Mashayekhi, PDF, 2016
Research Area: Transfer Path Analysis

Behzad Fazel, MASc, 2016
Thesis: Nonlinear Analysis and Structural Optimization of Aeroengine Casings Bolted Flange Connections

Vincent Iacobellis, PhD, 2016
Thesis: Integrated Uncertainty Techniques in Aircraft Derivative Design Optimization

Zhicao Pan, MEng, 2016
Project: Design of Levitation and Propulsion System for High Speed Transportation

Aravind Venkatapathy, MEng, 2016
Project: Design Process for Additive Manufacturing

Hamidreza Charkhian, MEng, 2016
Project: Computational Aerodynamic Analysis of High Speed vehicle in and Enclosed Tube at Near Vacuum Conditions

Narges BalouchestaniAsl, MASc, 2016
Thesis: Team Level Factors Affecting Innovation in Multidisciplinary Capstone Design Course

Swastic Roy, MEng, 2016
Project: Mechanical Stress Analysis of the Nitrogen Generation System Controller

Georg Siroky, MASc, 2016
Thesis: Coupled Atomistic-Continuum Models for Strength Prediction in Fiber-Polymer-Composites

Stephen Missiuna, MEng, 2016
Project: Multidisciplinary Master’s Project- Augmented-Reality Vibro-Acoustic Helmet for the Visually Impaired

Negin Shahbazian, MASc, 2015
Thesis: A Novel Design of the Heat Exchanger of an Aircraft’s Environmental Controller

Mohammad Rahman, MASc, 2015
Thesis: Design of DC-Link Capacitor of High Power Switch Module for an Aircraft Power & Thermal Management Controller

Nima Bahrani, MASc, 2015
Thesis: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Turbomachinery Blade

Ali Radhi, MEng, 2015
Project: Study of Partitioned-Domain Multiscale Methods of Temp. Effect on Lattice Parameter under Static Loading

Robert Lesser, MASc, 2015
Thesis: Systematic Product Development and Design Optimization of a Morphing Wing Tip

Zhaoxiong Pan, MEng, 2015
Project: Adaptive Active Noise Control of Vehicle Engine Noise Using Tachometer Signals

Mehran Ebrahimi, MASc, 2015
Thesis: Design and Optimization of Aluminum Cross-Car Beam Assemblies Considering

Ali Al-Safi, MASc, 2015
Thesis: Novel Framework for Reduced Order Modeling of Aeroengine Components

Carlos Areeza, MASc, 2015
Thesis: Linear Stability Analysis, Dynamic Response, and Design of Shimmy Dampers for Main Landing Gears

Andre Stanneveld, MEng, 2015
Project: Laparoscopic Preoperative Decision Tool

Sheng Yu, MEng, 2015
Project: Noise Prediction of high Bypass-Ratio Turbofan Engine Intake Fan

Erik Guenther, MASc, 2015
Thesis: Multidisciplinary design Optimization of Morphing Winglet

Fras Wasim, MEng, 2015
Project: Load Path Analysis of a Rotating Systems

Amin Melyouni, MEng, 2015
Project: Chatter Stability Analysis in Turning and Milling

Dr. Masih Mahmoodi, PDF, 2015

Dr. Rakesh Dhote, PDF, 2015

Dr. Sara Scharf, PDF, 2014

Hyeong Uk Park, PhD, 2014
Thesis: Integrated Uncertainty Techniques in Aircraft Derivative Design Optimization

Timothy Leung, MASc, 2014
Thesis: Fluid Inertia Damping Effects on Dynamic Engine Response

Sitong Wang, MASc, 2014
Thesis: Applications and Numerical Study of Ceramic Composite Seals in Aircraft Engine

Renjie Xu, MEng, 2014
Project: Simulation of Thermal Expansion Behavior of Al/Al2O3 CMC under High Temperatures

Sepp Winner, MASc, 2014
Thesis: Design and Analysis of a Flexible Skin for a Morphing Wingtip

Payman Hosseinzadeh Mirkhizi, MEng, 2013
Project: Self-Pierce Rivets for Joining Advanced High Strength Steel Sheets to Aluminum Alloy Sheets

Ke Qi, MEng, 2013
Project: Atmospheric Corrosion of Photovoltaic Racking Structures

Daniel Eisenbarth, MASc, 2013
Thesis: Mass Estimation of a Seamless Morphing Wingtip

Mohsen Rahmani, MASc, 2013
Thesis: Multidisciplinary design Optimization of Automotive Aluminum Cross-Car Beam Assembly

Mohamad Ahmadi, MASc, 2013
Thesis: Experimental High Cycle Fatigue Testing and Shape Optimization of Turbine Blades

Mike Leahy, MASc, 2013
Thesis: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of a Morphing Wingtip Concept with Multiple Morphing Stages at Cruise

Rizwan Shokat, MEng, 2013
Project: Vehicle Weight Reduction Techniques & Use of Composites as Light-Weighing Material

Pezhman Hassanpour, PDF, 2011-2012
Research Area: Engine Vibration Analysis

Steven Liu, MEng, 2012
Project: Investigations of a New Self Lock Feature of Power Window Regulator for Automotive Application

Joshua Morley, MASc, 2012
Thesis: Shape Optimization and Modular Discretization for the Development of a Morphing Wingtip

Jayaprakash Kannan, MASc, 2012
Thesis: Performance Analysis of Tube-Fin Heat Exchanger Under Vibration

Giovanni Montesano, PhD, 2012
Thesis: Fracture Damage Characterization of Braided and Woven Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites at Elevated Temperatures

Hojjat Fathollahi, MASc, 2011, currently at General Motors
Thesis: Multi-body Dynamics Analysis of Cervical Spine for Helicopter Pilots

Randy Haydon, MASc, 2011
Thesis: Finite Element Modeling of Cartilage

Shahryar Rafiei, PhD, 2011
Thesis: Design of Double Skin Profiled Composite Shear Wall System Under In-Plane Monotonic, Cyclic, and Impact Loading

Amir Seif, MASc, 2011
Thesis: Modified Logistical Creep Strain Prediction Method: A Constitutive Creep Strain Model of A Nickel Based Supper-Alloy

Ashley Ferguson, MASc, 2011
Thesis: Numerical Simulation of a Fuel Nozzle’s Spray

Olcay Met, MASc, 2011
Thesis: Compatibility of Metallic and Non-Metallic Turbine Engine Materials with Aviation Fuels

Hojjat Fathollahi, MASc, 2011
Thesis: Multi-body Dynamics Analysis of Cervical Spine for Helicopter Pilots

Orest Kostiv, MASc, 2010
Thesis: An Investigation for Optimal Tool Kinematics in Powder Compaction Cycle to Minimize Density Gradient in Green Powder Compaction

Daniel Neufeld, PhD, 2010
Thesis: Multidisciplinary Aircraft Conceptual Design Optimization Considering Fidelity Uncertainties

Marina Slezneva, MASc, 2010
Thesis: Application of Fiber Optic Sensors for health monitoring of Composite Materials

Michael Leahy, MASc, 2010
Thesis: Multidisciplinary design optimization of helicopter rotor blade

Alireza Fereidooni, PhD, 2009
Thesis: Nonlinear Instability and Reliability Analysis of Composite Laminated Beams

Peter Krimbolis, PhD, 2009
Thesis: On a Validated Damage Prediction Methodology for the Strength of Fiber Metal Laminates in Pin Bearing

Ramin Amid, PhD, 2009
Thesis: Dynamic Analysis of Substructures with Account of Altered Restraint when Tested in Isolation

Aminul Haque, MASc, 2009
Thesis: Next Generation Powder Compaction Process

Noushin Bahramshahi, MASc, 2009
Thesis: Finite Element Analysis of Middle Cervical Spine

Lubomir Jirasek, MASc, 2009
Thesis: A Genetic Algorithm Based Partition Generation and Optimization Method for Finite Element Problems

Jonathan Vandersluis, MASc, 2009
Thesis: Nano Indentation Simulation for Large Atomic Systems: Analysis of Molecular Dynamics and Bridged Finite Element-Molecular Dynamic Methodology

Tarunkumar Patel, MASc, 2008
Thesis: Satellite Attitude Control using Environmental Forces Based on Variable Structural Control

Lesha Kolubinski, MASc, 2008
Thesis: On the Use of Fiber Optic Sensors Embedded in Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Brad Baird, MASc, 2008
Thesis: Prediction of Overload on Landing Gears for Health Monitoring Purposes

Ruben Perez, PhD, 2007
Thesis: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Aircraft Integrating Flight Dynamics, Stability and Control at the Conceptual Level

Karthik Narayan, MASc, 2007
Thesis: A Numerical Fitting Procedure for the Embedded Atom Method, Inter-Atomic Potential, and a Bridged Finite Element-Molecular Dynamics Method for Large Atomic Systems

Reza Karami, MASc, 2007
Thesis: Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Articular Cartilage

Hamid Ghaemi, PhD, 2006
Thesis: Finite Element Analysis of the Human Cardiovascular System Under Sustained +Gz Acceleration

Brian Leonard, MASc, 2006
Thesis: High-Fidelity Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Flexible Aircraft Wings

Michael Mang, MASc, 2006
Thesis: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Stamped and Welded Structures

Jamal Zeinalov, MASc, 2006
Thesis: Parametric Representation of Turbine Blades and Vanes Internal Cooling Geometry

Muhammad Ardalani Farsa, MASc, 2006
Thesis: Finite Element Analysis of Complete Model of Cervical Spine

Jonathan Bahen, MASc, 2006
Thesis: Numerical Modeling of the Effect of Reaming on Pressure and Temperature in Orthopedic Procedures of Long Bones

Azar Hojabr, MASc, 2006
Thesis: Experimental Characterization of the Pressure Buildup in the Intermedullary Canal during Orthopedic Reaming using a Synthetic Bone Analogue

Sherry Towfighian, MASc, 2006
Thesis: Finite Element Modeling of Low Speed Reaming in the Application of Femoral Canal Preparation for Intramedullary Nailing

Robert Szydlowski, MASc, 2006
Thesis: Calculation of Elastic Constants for Cu, Ag and Au using MD simulation and EAM Potentials

Ali Taha, MEng, 2006
Project: Cervical Spine Multi-body Mathematical Model

Peyman Honarmandi, PhD, 2006
Thesis: Reliability Based Fatigue Optimization of MEMS Actuators

Yong-Lin Kuo, PhD, 2005
Thesis: Applications of the H-, P-, and R- Refinements of the Finite Element Method on Elasto-Dynamic Problems

Giovanni Montesano, MASc, 2005
Thesis: Fluid-Structure Interaction Considerations for Solid Rocket Motor Internal Ballistics Modeling

Daniel Dobrjanski, MASc, 2005
Thesis: Experimental Parametric Study of the Factors Leading to Elevated Femoral Intermedullary Pressure and Fat Embolus Syndrome in Orthopedic Procedures

Omar Al-Amin Gaber, MASc, 2005
Thesis: Numerical Modeling of Fat Embolus Syndrome for a Knee Replacement Operation

Paul Saadetian, MASc, 2005
Thesis: A Finite Element Approach to Predicting Intermedullary Pressure during the Insertion of Prosthetic Implants

Byeongcho Lee, MASc, 2005
Thesis: Vehicle Stability through Integrated Active Steering and Differential Braking

Robert Da Silva, MASc, 2005
Thesis: Simulation of Non-return Valve Closure in a Thixomolding Process Utilizing a Magnesium Alloy

Sacheen Bekah, MASc, 2004
Thesis: Fatigue Life Prediction in a Door Hinge System Under Uni-Axial and Multi-Axial Loading Condition

Marc Alexander, MASc, 2004
Thesis: Inflight Investigation of the Effects of Rotor State Measurement and Feedback on Variable Stability Helicopters

Peter Krimbalis, MASc, 2004
Thesis: A Validated Finite Element Study of Blunt Trauma to the Human Maxilla

Masoud Alimardani, MASc, 2004
Thesis: Computational Optimum Lightweight Design of an Instrument Panel Support Structure

Alireza Fereidooni, MASc, 2004
Thesis: Fatigue Analysis of Fuel Tank Straps due to Slosh Loads

Anthony Rossi, MASc, 2004
Thesis: Crashworthiness Behavior of Thin-Walled Aluminum Extruded Tubes

Ramin Amid, MASc, 2003
Thesis: Energy Absorption of Composite Materials Under High Velocity Impact

Primoz Cresnik, MASc, 2003
Thesis: High Sustained +Gz and the Diastolic Heart: A Finite Element Analysis

Simon Chan, MASc, 2003
Thesis: Ballistic Limit Prediction Using A Numerical Model with Progressive Damage Capability

Nicholas Ali, MASc, 2002
Thesis: Optimization of Engineering Systems Using Genetic Algorithm Enhanced Computational Techniques

Leila Bahreinian, MASc, 2002
Thesis: Transient Response of Bridges Traversed by Moving Vehicles: Pitch-Bounce Model

Arvind Misra, PhD, 2002
Thesis: Acoustic, Fluid-Structure and Decoupled Seismic Analysis of Piping Systems

Kin Pong Lam, MASc, 2002
Thesis: Effects of Using Aalternative Materials and Gauge Thickness on the NVH and Crashworthiness Performance of the VN127 Instrument Panel Support Structure

Tong Qu, MASc, 2001
Thesis: Finite Element Modeling and Stability Analysis of Chatter in End-milling Machine Tools

Ruben Perez, MASc, 2001
Thesis: Soft Computing Techniques and Applications in Aircraft Design Optimization