Looking for MEng Students

Project Background 

The development of robots composed of soft materials is gaining increasing attention due to their advantages of superior flexibility and human operator safety. This increased interest in soft robots has been driven by new developments in 3D printing technology which allow for complex geometries and combinations of functionally graded materials to be used. The application of soft robots is especially promising in the areas of biomedical devices which integrate with the human body and for use in confined spaces where their compliance and flexibility allow access to locations not previously tenable.

Project Deliverable 

The prospective MEng student will perform an in-depth study through literature review into the recent advancements of 3D printed soft materials for robots. Based on this study, simulation and modeling of proposed soft robot designs will be performed and proposed designs will be presented through case studies.

We are looking for a MEng student with: 

  • Material science background
  • Knowledge of 3D printing technologies
  • Structural and dynamics simulation experience (e.g. nonlinear finite element analysis)
  • Committed individual with time management skills

Please contact arlmls@mie.utoronto.ca with your CV and cover letter if interested.