Research in Advanced Structures

Problem Statement

At ARL-MLS we develop cutting edge structure solutions ranging from the design of lightweight robust structures to advanced piezoelectric sensors. Equipped with state-of-the-art testing and simulation capabilities, extensive research is conducted on the development, modification and rectification of several global challenges while suggesting innovative engineering structural solutions. A few of our research goals include:

  • Developing viable lightweight solutions to engineering structures.
  • Monitoring structural health in industrial components.
  • Developing novel and reliable self-controlling active structures with fast response.
  • Reducing Noise/Vibrations in Engineering Structures.
  • Investigating the dynamic behaviours and reliability of novel structures.
  • In view of energy crises, developing advanced multifunctional structures for sustainable development.
  • Developing Impact resistant / High toughness structures for real-time applications.
  • Robust solutions acclimatizing solutions to extreme industrial environment.
  • Micro/ Nano solutions for engineering structures.


To overcome the many global challenges in the field of advanced structures, ARL – MLS has been actively developing cutting edge solutions such as:

  • Utilizing and developing advanced multifunctional lightweight structures such as functionally graded, porous, lattice, composite, and nanocomposite materials.
  • Introducing novel methodologies to investigate vibrational characteristics in structures.
  • Developing smart structures for actively mitigating undesirable noise and vibrations.
  • Characterizing structural performance while considering mechanical responses.
  • Innovating a new generation of energy harvesters while transforming different types of energy sources.
  • Designing novel meta-structures for enhanced performance and attributes.
  • Applying the concepts of Functionally Graded Materials (FGM) in smart structures made of active/passive composites.
  • Designing evolutionary MEMS/NEMS devices for advanced piezoelectric sensors and actuators.